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Bio Stimulant

is designed to facilitate overall development of the plant – seed germination,  leaf development, root/shoot growth & flowering, fruit setting & enhanced shelf life. Actiboost results in better functioning of metabolic & physiological activities providing plant higher strength to resist biotic & abiotic stresses.


  • Breaks seed dormancy & provides vigor to seed for accelerated & uniform germination.
  • Makes plant stem more robust & leaf thicker increasing efficiency to overcome biotic (pest & diseases) & abiotic (drought, salinity,freezing etc) stresses.
  • Helps crops sustain dosage of strong chemical inputs
  • Prevent leaf dropping & improves thickness of leaves
  • Enhances root growth, flowering & fruit setting
  • Spraying on fruits coloring stage tends to improve fruits luster & reduces number of deformed fruits, improves the content of sugar & also enhances better shelf life.
  • Facilitates accumulation of metabolites in phloem and activates cambium, inhibits pre-maturation & retard aging
  • actiboost is non toxic and compatible with any other chemicals at growth stage


  • FOLIAR SPRAY: apply 5 ml of actiboost per 1 Ltr of water, 2-3 times at the interval of 20 days
  • DRIPPING: apply 75 ml of actiboost in 200 Ltrs of water


  • 250ml, 500ml, 1Liter, 5 Liter

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