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Bordo Liquid

Liquid BORDOTOP is formulation of copper sulphate which is useful for control of fungal diseases

Mode of Action

On foliar application active ingredients get easily absorbed by plants. Fungicidal activity of Cu++ ions inhibits sporulation and spreading of fungal diseases. Essential micronutrient copper made available to crops which help in growth activity of crops.


  • Effectively controls fungal diseases on crops like soyabean, cereals, pulses, grapes, pomegranates.
  • It avoids copper deficiency in crops.
  • No any harmful effect to crops.
  • It is cost effective than other chemical fungicides.


Mix 2 ml Liquid Bordotop in 1 Liter of water for spray. 

Mix the Mixture in a Bucket containing 5 Liter of water. Add the solution to the actual quantity of water to be sprayed. This should be used on the same day. 


250ml, 500ml, 1Liter

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