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Bio Stimulant

Catabore is a new generation plant growth promoter formulation based on brassinolides. It contains naturally occurring brassinolides which enhance the berry size and ensure uniform development of grapes.

Product Concept of Catabore: Initiates cell division and cell elongation Acts synergistically with Gibberellic Acid hormone Increases levels of endogenous hormones and enzymes Increases berry diameter and size of grapes and in turn the yields also.

Imparts resistance to grape bunches / fruits from stress such as drought and other external injuries due to pests, diseases etc. 


  • FOLIAR SPRAY: Use 1ml of CATABORE in 1 Ltr of Water
  • DIPPING: CATABORE to be applied on grape bunches twice.
    • First dipping @ 1 ml / Ltr along with Gibberellic Acid at 90 to 100% cap.
    • Fall stage Second dip of CATABORE @ 1 ml / Ltr along with Gibberellic Acid, 7 to 10 days after first dip.
  • Packing – 250ml, 500ml

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