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Ferticel K


Ferticel-K is a Protein based fertilizers is a natural bio-stimulant Hydrolyzed Protein Extract mixed with potassium and polysaccharides stimulating crucial metabolic processes of plant growth such as during fruit setting. The main composition is hydrolyzed Protein that stimulate plant growth. Phosphor, potassium & boron present in FERTICEL-K are essential nutrients which contribute to a better fruit setting, fruit size and quality.

Agronomical action

Promote fruit expanding to increase fruit size, fresh coloring, better fruit firmity and conservation; increase of sugar content in fruits and melons, increase resistance against unfavorable stress factors, early ripe and increase yield.

Target Crops

Ferticel-K is widely used in Grapes, Pomegranates, Sugarcane, Potato, Fruits, Vegetables, Melons, Cotton, Bean, Tobacco, Grain Crops, Flowers & etc


Drip Irrigation- 5 Liters of Ferticel K per acre


  • 5 Liter

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