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Amino Acid Based Yield Enhancer.

Grotein is an amino acid based Biostimulant specially prepared to enhance the yield and quality of grapes, pomegranates (Fruit Crops), Vegetables & etc. It has all vital Amino acids necessary for plant, to execute balanced growth.


  • Effect on Photosynthesis- it provides Glycine and Glutamic acid, which are fundamental metabolites in process of formation of vegetable tissues and chlorophyll synthesis
  • Effect on Reproductive Growth- it provides Aromatic Amino acids, leads to flowering
  • Effect on Vegetative growth- It provides amino acid Arginine, has got huge potential of inducing vegetative growth and increase synthesis of various enzymes, thus it helps in vegetative growth and increased Flowering and Fruiting
  • it provides Amino acids – Aspartic and Glutamic acid which helps in N metabolism and its utilization in plant
  • it provides sulphur-containing amino acids viz. Cysteine, Methionine, and lysine, which help in building Disease Resistance in plants
  • Amino acid Proline provided maintains water balance in plants and it also provides hardness to cell wall, enabling plant to resist unfavorable changes in climate
  • it provides amino acid Histidine, which helps in early maturity of fruits.


Foliage : 500ml per 200 Liter of Water Dripping & Drenching: 1 Ltr of Grotein per acre


250gm, 500gm, 1Kg,

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