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Bio Pesticide

NEWS is Bio organic insecticide which helps to control Thrips, mite, Red Mites and whitefly. Protects crops from Sucking insects. NEWS is unique formulation of Organic emulsion developed by using natural extract.

Mode of action

NEWS has action against the mites on two levels of 
a) toxicity by direct contact 
b) it has ovicidal effect
Repellent activity of Karanj oil and Allivum sativum extract deters pests also act as contact pesticide. Emulsion nature of NEWS gets absorbed by cuticle of pests. Further on due to lipophilic nature of emulsion, it is absorbed by outer layer lipids. Active ingredients acts on sensory organs hence pests remain unable to suck cell sap.


  • NEWS is highly effective for control to Thrips, Mites & Green Jesid.
  • It also destroys whiteflies.
  • NEWS maintains greenery of crops


  • 100% Natural and biodegradable product.
  • No side effects. No residue
  • Unique ovicidal action.
  • Can be used right up to harvesting as no residues are found on agri produce.
  • Compatible with all other insecticides/pesticides/fungicides


Mix 2 ml NEWS plus in 1 lit water and spray on infected crops. 
Use of power pump while spraying gives better results. & spray on both side of foliage & other affected areas.


250ml, 500ml, 1Liter

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