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nutriSEEK Zinc

Amino Acid Based Micronutrient Zn - 12%

  • nutriSEEK Zinc is totally water soluble powder for zinc treatment, chelated with amino acids that is applied to fruit and vegetable crops to improve and increase the plant zinc levels and to also correct the growth disorders caused by low zinc levels in the plant.


  • Rapidly corrects zinc deficiency and prevent various physiological disorders zinc deficiency.
  • Easy and high efficacy absorption by plants
  • Increase leaf thickness; promote flow of nutrient to improve crop fields and economic benefit
  • Avoid dehiscent fruit, enhances the color, sweetness and vitamin content and increases the percentage of good fruits
  • Retain flowers and fruits; prevent falling of stems, levels, flowers and fruits
  • Strengthen cell walls and enhance shelf life
  • Enhance plant capability of disease resistance, drought resistance and cold resistance
  • Prompt the nutrition absorption, metabolism, immunity
  • For the plant zinc plays the important role in the plant chlorophyll


Foliar Spray   : 1gm to 1.25gm in 1 Ltr of water

Soil Application/Fertigation : 500gms to 1Kg per acre. 

Repeat depending upon deficiency and crop.


Compatible with most Insecticides and Fungicides, except those with alkaline reaction. 


nutriSEEK Zinc- 250gm,  500gm

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