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Plant Growth Regulator

Vitapoint is a product of high tech concept in Plant Metabolism. 
Vitapoint is a product containing 

Derivative of Amino Acid L – Cysteine. 5.0% w/v, it promotes enzymatic activity & stimulates Photosynthesis and uptake of major and micro nutrients. Induces synthesis of Hormones like I.A.A. and gibberellins, which helps in many ways. 

It activates physiological processes helping in enhanced flowering and ensuring increased fruit size. It contains certain growth promoting substances derived from plant & animal origin sources. 



  • Promotes uptake of major and micro nutrients.
  • Promotes enzymatic activity
  • Stimulates photosynthesis
  • Stimulates protein creation as it contains amino acid – building block of proteins.
  • Induces synthesis of hormones like I.A.A. and gibberellins, which helps in flowering.
  • Induces fruit setting hormones
  • Improves the efficiency of pesticides and fungicides.
  • Helps to fight draught resistance.
  • Provides pest resistance.
  • Increases valine and glutamine content – thereby increasing plant resistance to water and temperature stress.

How to use Vitapoint?

VITAPOINT is miscible with water and can be used as follows: 

Seed treatment: – Seeds can be dipped in VITAPOINT solution @ 2-3 ml per ltr of water for 10-15 minutes before planting. This improves germination and growing cycle of the plant. 

Root dipping: – Before transplanting, roots of the seedlings can be dipped in VITAPOINT solution @ 2-3ml/ltr of water. This helps speedy root development & penetration.

Spraying: – VITAPOINT can be sprayed in the nursery or directly in the main field as per the recommendations mentioned in the application guide. 


250ml, 500ml, 1ltr

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